Rocky is retired, living on a golf course with a wonderful retired couple and another cute mini poodle called Paddy. Rocky and Paddy sleep on the bed with Mike and Mary, take trips to the beach and have fun things to do everyday. Rocky does not miss the female labs at all with all the attention he's getting. :-)


Sunny is now retired and enjoying himself living on a boat at a marina. He gets to do his most favorite things ...swim, retrieve and socialize with lots of people and other dogs. Everybody knows and loves Sunny wherever he goes. Sunny is the grandfather of many of our Labradoodle puppies that we now produce. They have the same perfect disposition that he does. Sunny's grandfather is published in a book that is sold at major bookstores nationwide called 'The Labrador Retriever.'

'Bear' who is the son of 'Sunny' is now siring some of our F1 litters.



Very calm, loving and loyal.
His dad is "Sunny".